No other school activity gets a student worried as the sound of an assignment after a class. And considering about six subjects, the headache gets intense.

Students are not just worried about the logical reasoning to provide a solution to the assignment, but they are more concerned about the time they will spend in getting the work done and done excellently. Can we then say homework leads to depression?

The teacher’s motive is to get the student disciplined and enforce knowledge into the student. That is what he is paid for. But for a student, it is a different ball game. Yes! A student wants to learn and acquire more skills but at the mercy of their playtime? Students do not joke with their play hours and will definitely do anything to have that time to themselves with no thought of an assignment waiting for them and so get worked up and hurriedly do the task with little or no attention.

The school hours, which is roughly eight to nine hours per day, is enough time to fill the student up with the necessary knowledge and information in a course. Still, then, teachers are not so sure of the student’s assimilation and so bombard them with questions to solve at home. This act of uncertainty is a sure way to have a child depressed and unhappy. After eight hours, the child needs another two hours to prove the digestion of the things learnt in class.

Lots of homework is time-consuming and frustrating. I can imagine having to get home tired and hungry, yet with the thought of assignment clouding my mind. It can be depressing. The volume of the work given symbolizes the level of anxiety the student goes through.

Research has shown that in other to avoid the tension and burden of the assignment. Some students have resorted into taking alcohol, hard drugs and other antidepressants to keep them away from their worries. This act does not look nice and can lead to more damage in their body system later in life. We all know that promotion to another class means an increase in the volume of assignment to be expected. Meaning, addiction will have to set in, and more of the hard drugs will be used to suppress the tension even more.

As we see the noble intentions of giving assignments to students, we should consider the adverse effects too. Some parents do not have the time to sit with their children and help them tackle the tasks. Making the child lonely and left out. This, in turn, can lead to family conflict and bringing the child to another world of thought and frustration.

An assignment is helpful but can be enforced in a more considerate way to ensure the student’s mental safety and social development. Homework can lead to depression teachers and parents should find a balance to it.