How to Enjoy Traveling the World as an Introvert

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As you probably remember from my previous article where I shared a very personal story about my anxiety and travels, you know that I am also an introvert. It’s strange for somebody who basically lives their life online and has to be open like a book in order to keep on doing this, and especially for somebody who travels usually alone to all those different places…

No matter how much you enjoy loneliness and solitude, you end up getting too lonely and bored and even depressed if you don’t interact with other people. However, things are more different for introverts such as myself. It’s not easy for us to make friends, it’s not easy for us to connect with other people… and in a life of constant travel, this is a big con.

But today I will share with you some tips and tricks on what to do to enjoy traveling as an introvert. These are things that I use and get a lot from. These will surely boost up your travel experiences and help you a lot. At least check them out and give them a try – you have nothing to lose, especially if you’re just an introvert like myself.

I’ve met a large number of introverts on the road. One of the number one things that the people who want to get over this do is to stay in small dorms (hostels are great too) or to grab a private room when there are good deals. Having your own space is important when you need to power down after spending the whole day interacting with new people. But this is not all!

Here are some extra tips to get your thing going as an introvert and be able to fully enjoy your travels:

– Take your MP3 player for buses, trains, airplanes: you’ll need it after a hectic day of being surrounded by people and to close out the family next to you who’re going on vacation and want you to know all about it.

– Noise cancelling earphones or headphones: great for the same situation mentioned above. You don’t need music, just put them on your head and people will disturb you less.

– Consider house sitting: if you’re a budget traveler who’s unable to afford a private room all the time, a whole house or apartment to yourself as you stay in one place can be nicer. Also, pets! You get to spend time with new furry friends who’re happy to give you space when you need it (unless you’re typing on the laptop the cat thinks looks like a nice place to nap, but that’s what cats do!)

– Slow travel: spending more time in a place will give you more time to spend how you need to spend it: sure you might like to check out the nightlife, but after a whole day spent with loud backpackers traipsing through the streets of Amsterdam on a tour, maybe not… If you’re there a few days however, you can break up the touristic stuff.

– Spend some time with locals: I find that when I travel most people will have polite conversations with you about where you’re from and where you’re going but few will be jumping all over you demanding your time the way some travelers will. This is a great opportunity to experience local culture and not have to deal with heaps of excitable tourists zapping your energy.

– Respect and honor the person that you are: your dormitory mates may be extroverts wanting to go out at every opportunity and you may not be that person. The best way to deal is to just accept it and free yourself to just be yourself and give you what you need.

Are you an introvert? What other tips and tricks can you share with fellow introverts when it comes to making traveling as enjoyable as possible?

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