Cheapest Countries to Be a Full Time Nomad in

As many Digital Nomads know, the cost of living and traveling all the time can be a bear. We are always looking to save every dime so that we can hit that next place. For some, it’s to mark off that next spot on a map, but the truth is that finding great countries that are cheap to live in should be the greater goal here.

For others, it’s just a quiet place to work and unwind, discover a brand new culture and explore wonderful places. Whatever the reason that you are after, I thought why not offer my spin on the top 10 places to be a nomad in. Granted, some of these are not the safest, but do offer cheap rates and peace. And if you are smart about it, you can make even the unsafer countries safe – not like I did with Colombia, for example.

I am not listing the countries in any particular order: just pick the one that sounds better to you and off you go for some cheap accomodation and cost of living, perfect for digital nomads!

10. Thailand

Thailand was the first on my list years past, and I still love it to tears. I enjoy both the quiet and non-touristy (kind of) North, as well as the crowded and touristy South and the islands. The truth is that you can’t really be a digital nomad without having at least heard of Thailand and at least consider visiting it. There’s a reason why it’s so popular – so many people can’t all be wrong!

9. Romania

One of the cheapest countries to live in the EU, Romania is a rough gem hidden far away from the beaten path. But with a nice history, party-loving and extremely friendly people and one of the cheapest costs of living in Europe, Romania is definitely a great choice for those looking to explore Europe, maybe set up home base there and do it on the cheap.

8. Mexico

This one I am taking on faith, because of the awesome food and culture, other than that I don’t have any personal thoughts here, maybe you guys can expand on it. Although I have been to Mexico many times, it has been many years, but it was extremely cool with each visit. Not the weather cool – the vibe and everything else!

7. Indonesia

Although this country has somehow managed not to be on my list of places I visited (I know, being right there in SE Asia), it is high on my “to see” list and I hope that I will be able to spend a lot of time there. I love the people from what I’ve seen and heard, I love the culture and all the beautiful things you can see there, I love everything about Indonesia and I know it even without being there.

And I am not only talking about Bali here – the entire country is beautiful. Just put your finger on the map and go there. It will be lovely!

6. American Samoa

Now, this is not the cheapest on the list, but it is quiet and almost no tourists go there, it’s a hidden gem for sure. Try it and see – sometimes, the real experiences come from those places that few people go to. And yes, it’s not literally a country, but I am sure that since it meets the purpose, it can be on our list!

5. Cuba

This country is on the upswing now that the US has done away with most of the sanctions that bared travel. Look for cheap everything. The Salsa, the Cubans, even the health care is top shelf there, even though a trip to Cuba now looks like a trip to the past. Don’t be fooled though, it’s much better than it looks and it’s one of those few countries in the world that offer a truly unique experience.

4. Laos

This one is more for the out of the way people. If you want a dusty, almost Western living experience when you work, here it is. The capital is on the border with Thailand, so it’s close to the action. And then you step away from there and get to the heart of Laos and it’s jungles and temples all over the place! Awesome!

3. Cambodia

A nice commuter plane ride away from Thailand, this country is laid back, but be on the lookout as always, the history here is wonderful. The way the stonework is done, its shows the master crafts that it took. And yes, I realize that I compare everything to Thailand, still the world’s #1 hub for digital nomads.

2. India

The beaches here and the history is what draws me. And with the tech hubs here, you know that this should be on your bucket list of work and play spots. But it is at the same time extremely crowded and poverty strikes some of the areas, but fortunately things are starting to get better here and India is turning not just into a must see place, but also one extremely advanced country in all areas.

1. Philippines

I think even with all the corruption here, it’s worth a look and the bang for your buck is bigger than in most of the South Eastern Asian countries. Not to mention the fact that the country itself is absolutely beautiful and the people extremely friendly towards foreigners.

So these would be some otherwise unsurprising choices for the best cheap countries to be a digital nomad in. Do you have anything to add? Then leave a comment below.

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