Blue Ketchup Booking Club in Seoul

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A booking club is an extremely interesting concept and something that should happen on a global scale. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s basically a club for younger people where the waiters just pick up female customers and get them to various tables to meet single guys.

The idea is that the ice-breaking process is done this way and it’s easier to meet up new people and hook up. Like Tinder, but without the chance of swiping. And still 1000% more difficult because you still have to interact in real life afterwards.

Which is more difficult for guys than girls, probably. For me, it was a fun experience so read on to find out more about the Blue Ketchup booking club in Seoul. Or check out this cool article on Wikipedia to get more familiar with the concept.

The beautiful streets of the Gangnam district. Opa Gangnam Style!

So, as soon as we have entered the room, my female friends and I noticed suspicious glances being thrown all over the room. We observed the tables around us, shrugged, and ordered some drinks and dishes. Strangely however, our waiter kept trying to snatch our menu away before we were finished.

As our food and drink arrived one by one, we talked and laughed the night away, high from the blaring music and flashing lights. The thrilling music, romantic ambiance, and excellent food created the perfect experience. We noticed sneaky whispers from the tables around us and figured it was because we were the only foreigners.

We had heard about these booking clubs in the past, but never been there. What were we doing wrong? Were we that ugly?

Yummy food!

Just minutes after we were seriously starting to think about getting back home with a large ice cream, a couple of guys from the table to our right made eye contact with us and handed the waiter a card.

Suddenly, a couple of young Korean men invited themselves to our table. One of them said he was a doctor, but looked a bit young. We made small talk and joked with them that we were tourists and leaving Korea tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the odd guys from the table to our right stared at us, even shuffling seats to get a better look. Apparently upset, they stood up and left the restaurant. Back at our table, rather than exchanging numbers, our entertaining conversation ended in a gracious goodbye.

At Blue Ketchup, guests can send Cupid Cards for $1 to those they are interested in talking with. If the invitation is accepted, the potential partners get together to talk, eat, or drink. For those who feel a simple invitation isn’t enough, the club features a ‘booking menu’ offering a $5 Cupid Cocktail, $10 Cupid Fondue, and a $29 Cupid Absolut Vodka.

Apparently, since we all ordered food and drink, guests were gossiping about our “popularity” and the guys to our right were inspecting the only men we “accepted” to our table. By the time they had decided to send us a Cupid Card, it was too late!

Haha, who would’ve known? Lesson learned and we’ll never rush to order again.

Fancy food for (seemingly) popular girls

Although, truth be told, at least we paid for our own stuff and nobody had any expectations from us. And we weren’t the ugly ones, we were the queens of the room – too bad it was all just an opinion and not a fact. But still, it was nice to think about this afterwards.

To bad we found out all this afterwards

If you’re interested to find out more about Blue Ketchup and give booking clubs a try, you can do so here. It’s an experience worth trying at least once in your lifetime, no matter if you’re a boy and girl.

And if you are a girl… don’t rush to order the menu. The food’s good, it’s true, but it doesn’t hurt to test your “rating” against the locals.

A complete right swipe for this one!

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