About me

Hello and thanks for stopping by!

My name is Cristine and I’ve been a freelancer since 2006. My plans weren’t always to become a freelancer and travel the world indefinitely. But after college, I decided to visit the world a bit. I haven’t stopped since.

Although many people would consider me a digital nomad, I am not particularly fond of the term. However, I have been living a location independent lifestyle for a while now so I am technically a digital nomad.

I started blogging on my own websites back in 2009 after a few of my regular clients decided to shut down their business and stop working with me. I am the type of person who thinks that obstacles are created to make us better and since making the jump to blogging for myself in 2009, things started to look really nice.

Now most of my monthly income comes from my own blogs, but I also freelance quite a bit. I never like to keep all eggs in the same basket and freelancing offers a bit of stability and varied sources of income.

This year I realized that even though I’ve tried numerous times in the past, I never actually blogged about my biggest passion: travel. In a spur of a moment, I registered a domain and launched this blog.

On Travel Write Away, you will learn about freelancing as a travel blogger, how to make money blogging in order to fund your travels and also a few of my experiences as a perpetual traveler. With over 11 years of experience both in the travel world and the blogging/freelancing world, I have a ton of tips and tricks to share and hopefully you will find them useful.

My ultimate goal is to create a community of travelers who can turn their dreams into reality with my help. I am knowledgeable and very easy going – something that happens when you travel the world for so long. I can offer personal coaching and I have a few courses in the pipeline in case you don’t want to browse through the archives of this blog (although it’s funny to talk about archives when the “About Me” page is the first I’m writing for the blog).

More about my approach to travel

I love the beach!

I am 27-years-old and I love the beach more than anything else. Unlike many travelers out there, I prefer the “slow and steady” approach. This means that I tend to stay as much as possible in a place before packing my bags and finding a new adventure. I’ve rarely stayed less than 1 month in a new place and I usually try to stay for at least 3 months.

This way of traveling the world helps you to connect better with the local culture and local people, to explore the area and learn all the secrets. A 3-day trip to a city is nothing but that: a trip that gives you little value in return.

My concept is that traveling the world should be made to meet new people, experience amazing moments and take your time to appreciate nature’s wonders.

Plus, if you’re working constantly while on the road, it’s very difficult to always be on the move. If you do things too fast, you will burn out quickly and your dream lifestyle will turn into a nightmare. This is why I consider slow travel to be the best possible option.